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Sandland Sleep, a frontrunner in the CBD sleep-aid space came to us looking to build a brand from the ground up. As the core touchpoint for the D2C brand, the site design was geared toward conveying the same sense of calm as the Sandland product itself.

Design Director
Numbered and Red Antler
product mockup on phone
sandland product held by hand
sandland packaging
woman face and flowers
product mockup on phone
product pakaging mockup
sandland product mockup on phone
product gif
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We initially collaborated with Numbered Studio to launch the ecomm experience and continued work directly with the founding time to optimize and extend the site as learnings were gathered. Our work with Sandland began with extensive strategy and continued through naming, brand, digital and social activation. All the original content for the site and campaign work was created in house at Red Antler. In addition to a successful launch Sandland expanded its presence into numerous retail locations - from CVS to Target.

Mads Jakob Paulsen, Numbered Studio