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Owl Labs develops workplace technology, beginning with its wifi-enabled, portable 360° camera, mic, and speaker with proprietary AI technology that uses audio and visual cues to keep focus on the person talking. Where the old brand was flat, lacked a personality, and was too tech focused, we wanted to build an immersive world.

Creative Director
with Red Antler
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We evolved the entire brand — changing the logo, typeface, colors, and graphic systems, and then focused on bringing that evolution to life through its primary applications. Across the site and mobile UX, we scaled key brand moments (such as the homepage and product pages), and created interactive tools that matched customers with the right products for their setup. As the creative director of the digital experience I helped to guide and create a brand that would feel compelling in across the gamut of touchpoints. I oversaw the development of core user flows and the streamlining of the commerce experience.

Mia Watson, L.A. Corrall