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Ourself, a non-invasive, Subtopical skin care brand came to us with a proprietary technology that provides an alternative to injections and fillers. Our goal with the site was to create a seamless consumer experience while providing compelling education around a new way to care for your skin.

Digital Creative Director
Red Antler
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ourselves serum
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ourselves serum
ourselves serum
ourselves mockup on phone
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Work on Ourself began with unpacking the potential journeys and user types that would interact with the site. Balancing the need to educate about a new technology and creating a covetable visual experience was key. We used an amorphous 3D shape to connote the brand’s proprietary technology, and relied on dynamic content to describe the science behind the tech. Our art direction was an exploration of fluidity in its different forms; from water to metallic quicksilver and fabric textures.

Natalia Grosner, Kate Larsen Christina Cooksey