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With the rate of natural disasters becoming increasingly more frequent it can be easy for families to feel helpless. The Judy kit was designed to allow families to prepare for any possible eventualities and to give them the peace of mind that comes with being prepared. Judy kits come in a range of sizes and are equipped with personalized guides to help families navigate the situations most likely to occur in their area.

Design Director
Red Antler
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products displayed on tablet
parent putting bandaid on child
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Our work with Judy encompassed the full spectrum - from brand strategy and messaging to product industrial design. The core brand elements were chosen to create an iconic safety persona, utilizing ‘safety orange’ to underscore the utility of the product. The bold straightforward identity was offset with approachable illustrations, stylistically derived from the visuals of classic safety manuals. As director of the digital work I oversaw the creation of an ecomm site that was accessible and simple to navigate. While dealing with a potentially alarming subject matter it was import for users to feel at ease when selecting their kit. The location finder, kit PDP and informational sections were all designed with clarity and usability in mind.

Aisling FLynn, Jess Dolano, Marnie Kane