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Our goal for our work with Floof was to create a digital portal into a magical brand world. The immersive experience was rich in tactile imagery and storytelling, and built an online presence as rich as the Floof products. Our digital work included unique methods of collection curation, from editorial style browsing to visual sorting.

Creative Director
Red Antler
floof product mockup on phone
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bipity boppity floof
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floof interface
floof mockup on tablet
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The brand comes to life through magical, immersive art direction that’s so splendid you’d never guess it was shot in the Red Antler office. The name Floof is a playful homage to comfort, softness, and finishing touches. For the brand’s symbol, we created a poodle icon as chic, huggable, and sculptural as the pillows themselves. As Design Director I worked with the brand and digital teams to create an end to end experience. In addition to the imagining of the brand in the digital space, I also oversaw the UX and the back-end implementation.

Jess Dolano, Mia Watson, Nadya Grace, Jenn Flores